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Our story

How we started

It started with a sandwich. Always on the look-out for something that tasted great, 'filled the gap' and didn't cost the earth, entrepreneurs Andrea Gibson Scarlett and William Scarlett were finding it harder and harder to buy a hearty sandwich in a hurry. And so they started Wishbone: a range of fresh food made by professional chefs, for busy people. People who believe in eating well - morning, noon and night. The first Wishbone store opened in Woodward Street, Wellington, in March 2000 and has since grown to 21 stores across the country, and is still growing.

The Wishbone way

Founded on the simple idea of using the best ingredients we can find, factoring in health, taste, convenience and value for money, Wishbone has adopted a radically fresh approach to eating. And according to loyal customers, passionate staff and dedicated suppliers, it works! Being a part of Wishbone is about just that - 'taking part'. A team of professionally trained chefs and an R & D specialist make it their business to produce what would otherwise take your time and energy. To our delight, Wishbone has become a place that busy people with good taste keep coming back to every day.

Our values & promises

When we founded Wishbone in 2000, we were committed to a handful of simple values which still guide the way we work today:

  • Your well-being/good health - we appreciate that everyone has different appetites and dietary needs. Our menu reflects exactly that.
  • Your happiness - 'food is fuel for the body and soul'. By sourcing the best ingredients we can find, our chefs produce fresh, top quality food which we hope will make you happy.
  • Handmade - with 100% love by our professional chefs in the kitchen at Wishbone's HQ.
  • Convenience - ready to eat when you are.
  • Taste - we're sure you'll agree that while the food you eat should be good for you, it should taste great too. Wishbone tastes like you made it yourself.
  • Success takes time - we spend time making Wishbone a success, so you can spend time doing what you do best.