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It's the little things

Ever since we opened our first Wishbone store, we have listened carefully to what our customers have wanted. We know you care about the environment - so do we. We are always looking to improve and appreciate that there is still room to for improvement in our processes. Our sandwich containers use number 1 plastic and are all recyclable. We are also investigating changing to recycled pet in the next 3 months. Wishbone packaging is also free of BPA and its' derivatives *based on current Supplier Evaluation.

Below are a few more things we've addressed already: Biodegradable/Recyclable Biopak Soup bowls, coffee cups and lids made from Pla( PLA has a CO2footprint 75% less than conventional plastics - even if it ends up in landfill.); recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging for our Chilled Tortilla Wrap Packaging.

At our main kitchen we recycle our plastic and tins and use kai to compost to dispose of our food scraps. We also supply Kaibosh and Foodshare with any surplus food items produced(before their best before date obviously). Kaibosh is a great wellington charity  that specialises in giving fresh, nutritious food and non-alcoholic drinks to disadvantaged people and we are proud to support them.We know there are hundreds of little things we can do to make a difference and there is still progress to be done. While it's a huge job, we're committed to making Wishbone more sustainable one step at a time.