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We have the privilege of working with FoodShare, who do really great work in Dunedin, collecting leftover food from businesses in the Dunedin area and giving it to those in need. FoodShare CEO and Founder Deborah Manning explains:

"FoodShare was established to solve two of society's problems - food surplus and food insecurity. We collect good food before it goes to waste and distribute it for those in need. Food rescue is our core focus, but education and engaging communities are at the heart of their mission.

Our partnership with Wishbone began in March 2012 on the day the Dunedin store opened. As our first food partner we are particularly grateful to Wishbone for having confidence in FoodShare, as a food rescue organisation, and for also providing its healthy, individually wrapped food for distribution every day since then. Since the first collection in March 2012 Wishbone has donated 13,044 kg of food providing the equivalent of 37,268 meals. For people in need, the impact of receiving Wishbone’s nutritious food, is significant and the example Wishbone sets by choosing to support the community with their surplus food is commendable. We are very thankful for their support and look forward to continuing the relationship in the future."

The team at FoodShare are doing a fantastic job and we're thankful that we can have a small part in helping those in need. Keep up the good work guys! Check out more about FoodShare at