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The right tool

There's nothing like using the right tool for the job - certainly in the kitchen and I can vouch for the same sentiment when working in the garden too. Making the most of the long dry Wellington summer we have convinced our charming, long-standing builder to extend his reach into a bit of garden landscaping - fencing to be more precise. Highlighting the merits of the right tool for the job became perfectly clear when a little digger and its accompanying seasoned operator turned up. They dug the necessary 30 odd holes in a matter of hours as opposed to a week's work for someone on a spade.

Like most things it always comes at a cost - but it certainly means things get completed on time and in a way that would otherwise have been fraught with sweat and no doubt the odd swear word.

With this in mind, this season's newsletter makes a mention of our catering arm - for those of you not already aware we can provide our fresh, healthy, ready to eat food for most catering occasions. When it comes to feeding large groups of people without all the fuss, we just might be the right tool for the job. For some, taking on such a task when it's not your field of expertise can often result in unnecessary headaches and your valuable time is better spent elsewhere.

Finally, I always like to mention what's on my current reading log and this time we've taken to sharing a little more detail overleaf of this 'book du jour'. While I like to cover a wide range of genres in reading matter - health and well-being obviously always sit right up there in piquing one's interest. When both my hairdresser and the latest Vogue magazine both mentioned this new title: "Gut - the inside story of our body's most under-rated organ" by Giulia Enders, I too was curious to understand more about the workings of my own body. Hope you find time to enjoy the read!