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Temporary Sandwich Packaging Change

Dear valued customers,

As a part of our recent sustainable packaging initiative we have been changing a lot of our plastic packaging to compostable and commercially compostable solutions. You may have noticed that our sandwich packaging made with commercially compostable card has changed back to our old recyclable plastic containers.

Due to the slight change in the sizing of the new sandwich package, we’ve noticed a concertina effect when the products are in transit, affecting the freshness of the bread in a few of our sandwiches. We rigorously test each piece of new packaging that we implement in order to minimise issues such as these however in this case, we did not foresee this problem. This is only affecting a small amount of our sandwiches but as we’re sure you are aware, we have the highest standard when it comes to the quality and freshness of every single item on our menu.

With that in mind, we have temporarily re-instated our Recyclable PET (RPET) containers for all our sandwiches to maintain a consistent freshness across our range. These containers are recyclable and made from 100% NZ recycled plastic by Flight plastics in Wellington.

We have every intention to change our sandwich packaging back to compostable packaging soon and are currently exploring our options. We ask for your patience, this will take a little bit of time as we continue to test and trial to find a solution that is both good for the environment, and keeps our sandwiches as fresh as ever!

We will be sure to inform you as we continue to make progress with our sandwich packaging!