Your Wishbone Order



Part of the Wishbone Mantra is providing a sustainable product that isn't doing harm to the earth. BioPak help us achieve that. With their help Wishbone is able to produce a more sustainable product, by supplying us with certified carbon neutral, biodegradable/recyclable soup bowls, coffee cups and lids as well as recyclable and compostable film packaging for our wraps.

When you eat Wishbone you help us provide good food that wont cost the earth - literally! And for that we're thankful to you, our customers, for your continued support of Wishbone through 2016.

Together, here's what we've achieved this year:

  • 39 Tonnes of C02 emissions saved
  • 16,215 litres of fuel saved
  • 222,123 kms traveled in a car saved
  • 16 cars taken off the road
  • 5 seedlings planted in the Daintree Rainforest

As we head into the new year we'll continue to be on the lookout for even more ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Let's do this!