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Five Winter Favourites

Find these great winter favourites on our store’s shelves or from our new online store!


You can’t beat handmade creamy porridge to kick start your winter mornings. You can’t rush the making of porridge so we have taken the time to make it just for you.  With two delicious toppings all you have to do is decide which one to choose.


With an abundant portion of sweet sultanas and a very generous serving size, our sultana cake is just what you need on a winters morning or afternoon cup of tea. In fact it’s big enough to cut in two and last the day or share with a friend.


While testing the site, the first website order our sons made was a delivery of the Italian meatball wraps. When four hungry boys all choose the same food, you know it’s going to be good!


When the only thing you feel like is a source of liquid nourishment our Chicken Gumbo soup will definitely hit the spot! 


A periennial winter favourite, we’ve been making this dish almost since we started.  It’s the perfect complete comfort meal, with its accompanying mashed potato and sprinkling of veges.