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Paleo or Primal?

As with any diet/lifestyle there are always going to be conflicting opinions and the Paleo/Primal community is no exception. A quick google search will show you someone eschewing all processed high salt meat products while another will advocate eating bacon at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Often used interchangeably the terms "Paleo" and "Primal" share a similar premise with a focus on returning to the diet of our pre-agricultural ancestors. The idea here is that from an evolutionary standpoint our bodies have not had enough time to evolve to eat the large quantity of processed grains, legumes and starchy vegetables that now make up the basis of our diet. While the two diets agree on this point there are a few differences, the main one being that the Primal diet allows certain types of dairy while the paleo diet eschews all dairy. For more information on the two diets and their differences check out the key proponents of the two movements; Dr Loren Cordain PH.D, founder of the Paleo diet movement and Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple.

What is generally agreed upon is that a paleo diet should be based around natural and un-processed foods without the addition of grains, gluten, sugar, legumes and refined oils. Think of your kitchen filled with: leafy greens, cauliflower, free range/organic chicken, coconut oil and alternative milks such as almond and coconut in place of rice, pasta & potatoes.

In the Wishbone Kitchen our Paleo range uses natural ingredients such as nuts, seeds, olive oil, vegetables and free range chicken that is naturally grain, gluten and dairy free. In our paleo meals we use; honey in place of sugar; oil free sundried tomatoes in place of sundried tomatoes made with vegetable oils, sugar & additives; almond meal, tapioca or coconut flour in place of wheat flours; whole Kalamata olives brined in olive oil rather than cheaper olives brined with additives and sugar.

We appreciate that people eat paleo foods for different reasons and have different foods they may choose to include/remove from their diets. To cater to this plethora of dietary decisions, we make sure to provide a range of products to suit those with different dietary requirements. For example we have paleo bites with and without chocolate as well as offering our paleo muesli plain or with the option of Greek yoghurt, for those wishing to include dairy in their diet.

A note on sugar, green beans & chocolate:

Most paleo and primal eaters recommend against the consumption of legumes due to the high levels of phytic acid, lectins & prolamins in legumes, such as dried beans and the negative affect they have on digestion. Although green beans are technically a legume, as they are eaten fresh and not dried they have low levels of phytic acid, lectins & prolamins and high levels of nutrients and minerals, which is why we include small amounts of them in our range.

Sugar is often a sticking point in paleo diets which is why we don't use sugar as it's own ingredient in any of our paleo marked products, however the high quality 70% Belgian chocolate used in our paleo chocolate bites already contain sugar. Due to the nature of the product, commercially made chocolate is generally made with a small amount of soy lecithin to bind the product, and sugar as a sweetener. While some would consider this a deviation from their paleo/primal diet many in the paleo community accept dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage as a suitable ingredient due to the considered health benefits of cocoa, which is why we have included it in our range, and because it tastes darn good too!

Taste is the key driver when making products in our kitchen which is why we aim to make all our food, whether it's paleo, primal, gluten or dairy free taste delicious. So why not revert to your primal roots and check out what's been cooking in our paleo kitchen!


"The Paleo chocolate bites! AMAZING! They should come with a warning that the entire box will be eaten and you will be left wanting more! And was so great knowing that the ingredients were packed full of nutrients!” Aisling,

“The chicken dish(Paleo chicken parmigiana) I got was absolutely delicious — I’m a huge sceptic of ready-made meals and usually never enjoy them but omg it was really, really tasty, and a decent portion size yay!” Rachael Devcich, Paleo/primal blogger,