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Since our chefs work around the clock to make fresh food every day, you may wonder what happens to our food not sold in-store before our 'best before' date. We are very proud to work with a number of great charities around New Zealand who ensure our food goes to a good home.

In Christchurch we work with Ronald McDonald House, providing delicious and nutritious wishbone meals to those in need. 

In Auckland we support the Christian Foodbank.

In Dunedin we support the local Hospice and were also the first supporters of the food rescue scheme FoodShare, whose core aim is to reduce food poverty in their community.

In Wellington we have been working with local food rescue charity Kaibosh since it began in 2008. They specialise in giving fresh, nutritious food and non-alcoholic drinks to disadvantaged people. They regularly collect our surplus food and deliver it to community groups that support people in need (before the 'best before' date obviously). 

We're really proud to support these charities provide our freshly made food (traditional food banks generally distribute canned or dried food) to those in times of need, such as Jo below. And because it's better for the environment - less waste ends up in the landfill too!

As of the end of 2016 we had donated the equivalent of over 66,000kg of food to organisations in need. That's the equivalent of 190,000 meals, that's sandwiches, salads, meal, soups and wraps that have gone to a good home - with 100% love.

"Dear Wishbone team, I am writing to say a massive thank you for the way your company blessed us while we were at Ronald McDonald house in Chch...We didn't have to worry about where to go for healthy food and we weren't stressing over the cost of food.Thank you so much"....


Ever since we opened our first Wishbone store, we have listened carefully to what our customers have wanted. We know you care about the environment – and so do we. We are always looking to improve and we appreciate that there is still room for improvement in our processes.

Currently we are implementing an update to our packaging with the goal of making as much of our packaging compostable in either a commercially compostable facility or in your garden.

This will be a long process as we scour the earth looking for the latest on compostable packaging solutions! Listed below are the latest improvements we've implemented:

  • Our wrap trays are made from commercially compostable card. 
  • Our hot food (Bain Marie) containers are now made from commercially compostable card.
  • Our takeaway coffee cups are now made from commercially compostable card. 
  • Our paper takeaway bags will compost in your garden. 
  • Our paper straws are commercially compostable. 
  • We have implemented a “Bring your own cup” initiative for 50c off your coffee. 
  • At our main kitchen we continue to recycle our plastic and tins and use 'Kai to compost' to dispose of our food scraps.

We know there are hundreds of little things we can do to make a difference and there is still progress to be done. While it’s a huge job, we’re committed to making Wishbone more sustainable one step at a time.