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About Us

Our Story

It started with a sandwich, and a focus on providing high quality, fresh food made by professional chefs, for busy people. Entrepreneurs Andrea Gibson Scarlett and William Scarlett opened the first Wishbone store in March 2000 and it is still run by this dedicated food duo.

Food & Nutrition

We believe that a big part of living well is eating well. Our entire menu is made with 100% love in the kitchen at Wishbone’s HQ. There are over 85 products on the menu and we’re still coming up with new ideas. So whether you’re looking for Low GI, dairy-free, meat-free, low-fat, Paleo or gluten-free you’ll be able to find products, made just for you.

Community & Environment

Ever since we opened our first Wishbone store, we have listened carefully to what our customers have wanted. We know you care about the environment & your community – so do we. 


See what’s cooking in the kitchen with our latest news, recipes and articles. 

Facts & Delivery Information

Our online store is open every day with deliveries available Monday to Friday until 7.30pm.*